UX Launchpad runs one day, hands-on, fun design courses.

Ready to learn more about design?

Great, we'd love to meet you! We offer three courses in beautiful downtown Seattle:

101: Introduction to UX Design

The class works with any background - we've had engineers, artists, PMs, architects, executives, visual designers, and curious hobbyists. We've taught this class many times, to many different types of people.

If you want to learn more about UX design, this class is for you.

Now planning upcoming class: Please email jon@uxlaunchpad.com if you'd like to know when it goes live.


201: Design While Shipping

If youíre already a designer, you know how hard it is to ship high quality designs as part of a team. This course is heavy on real-world case studies and is laser focused on helping you ship your best designs.

Upcoming class:
November 6th


301: Introduction to Sketch & Pixate

Our most forward-looking course is designed to give you a leg up in the highly competitive and fluid world of software design. Learn these tools before they become industry standards — they're already halfway there!

Upcoming class:
October 23rd


About us

UX Launchpad is run by Jon Bell and William Van Hecke, two experienced designers who live in Seattle. Here is a Wesley Verhoeve shot of them jumping:

Jon Bell is a designer at Twitter who's previously worked at frog design, Windows Phone, and the Art Institute of Seattle. He's the one on the right.

William Van Hecke is the design lead of the multiple-award-winning Omni Group and author of Learning iOS Design. He's the snappy dresser on the left.


Selected Testimonials

“Our team — from designers to developers to customer support folks — thoroughly enjoyed UX Launchpad. We sketched. We learned. We laughed. Jon and William have a teaching style thatís fun, informative, hands-on, and great for kicking your design brain into lateral action.”

—Shawn Liu, co-founder of Harvest

“Fantastic! Literally inspiring. I'm going to go build something RIGHT NOW. I was worried about taking time out from my daily work to take this class, but now I'm excited that it may have redirected my career.”

“Best day of learning I've had since the best days of college. Jon teaches a very hands-on focused class which simultaneously feels relaxed and intensive, and manages to convey an incredible amount of information in the course of the day.”

“I came away feeling stronger in my ability to communicate & coordinate with my team's designers and also incredibly motivated to put what I've learned today into practice in how I approach my engineering work and probably even a stab at designing a new app on the side.”

“This was a great class. Jon is an excellent teacher, he creates a very inclusive atmosphere, breaks the ice between participants and teaches in a way that focusses on repetition, without being boring. I'd almost say this is more an introduction into the creative process, with some design theory, than a UX class, but however you end up describing or classifying it, it was great. ”